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Chrysanthemum, Peony, and Chinese Writing Stones  H- height   W- width   D- depth   " inches
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Chinese Writing Stone  Canada  $45
ancient Chinese secret
H 2 3/4"
Clay and Glass Base

Chrysanthemum    China      $325
H 5 3/4 including base
Wood Base
Peony Stone       China       $210
falling petals
H 3" including base
Wood Base
Chrysanthemum     China          $950
H 14 1/2" (including Base made from Peruvian Walnut)
W 11"
3" D
Base is 2" tall
Weight 23 pounds

Back and Sides of same stone
Chrysanthemum    China   $40
H 2" including base
L 2 3/4"
Clay Base
Chrysanthemum     China         $45
full moon rising
H 2"
Wood and Clay Base
Chrysanthemum Stone   China   $400     Back and Sides of same stone shown
two sided beauty
H 5 1/4" attached to base
Wood Base