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Shiva Lingam    India        $150
black beauty  (rare)
H 4 1/2"    W 2"     D 2"
Ebony Daiza
Shiva Lingam Stones: gathered from the Narmada River in India, hand polished.
H- height   W- width   D- depth   " inches 
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Shiva Lingam  India    $65
H 4"
Clay Base
Shiva Lingam Narmada River India $75
created cocoon
Wood and Clay Base. Wood and Clay branch with Thread
3" High
also featured in created stones
Shiva Lingam    India        $35
desert cactus
H 2"
includes Shiva Lingam Stone, Sea Urchin Spine and Gumbo Limbo Tree Bark on Clay Base