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Gobi Desert Agates are silky to the touch, polished by wind and sand. Different in appearance and texture than water polished agates.   
 H- height   W- width   D- depth   " inches
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Gobi Desert Stone    Mongolia     $55
mountain range
H  1"  W 3 1/4"  D 1 1/2"
Clay Base
Gobi Desert Stone   Mongolia     $50
cat in the hat
H 1 1/4"
Clay on Slate Base
Gobi Desert Agate   Mongolia   $55
where is my tail?
H 2"
Clay Base
Gobi Desert Agate    Mongolia    $40
H 1 3/4"
Clay and Mahogany Seed Pod Base
Gobi Desert Agate   Mongolia       $45
H 1 3/4"
Clay Base
Gobi Desert Agate  Mongolia        $40
shelter dry waterfall
H 2 1/4"
Clay Base
Gobi Desert Agate  Mongolia  $50
H 3 1/2"
Fossil Stone Base Clay Mount
Gobi Desert Agate  Mongolia     $50
H 2"
Clay and Wood Base
Gobi Desert Agate  Mongolia    $45
H 1 1/2"
Clay Base not attached
Gobi Desert Agate Mongolia  $65
potted owl
H3 1/2"
Clay mount Wood Base
Gobi Desert Agate   Mongolia     $85
H 2 1/2"
Clay Mount  Wood base with Lichen