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Dinosaur Bone, Horse Teeth, Petrified Wood, Fossils, Coprolite     H- height   W- width   D- depth   " inches   
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Fossil Bone   unknown origin   $50
Clay Daiza
Fossil Fish Ballast Bone  FL   $55
River Stone Texas
2" High
Clay Base
Fossil Mastodon tooth tip (polished)   $50
H 1 3/4"
Wood and Clay Base
Orthoceras Fossil in Matrix  $50
Clay Base
Petrified Wood  Arizona   $45
Clay Base
Fossil Whale Earbone  South Georgia    $75
listen to me
Organic and Clay Base
Fossil Zig Zag Oysters  Madagascar   $65
mother and child
Organic and Clay Base
Lightning Stone   Michigan     $55
petrified mud and calcite
Clay Base
Antler    North Carolina        $25
Gumbo Limbo wood and Clay Base
front and back of same stone
Coprolite (fossil poop)   Canada    $65
Clay Base
H 1 1/2"   L 3 1/2" 
Sand Stromatolite Fossil   Morocco    $35
rock a bye baby
TN Sassafrass Tree branch and Clay Base
Racoon (private part)    North Carolina           $35
unhappy racoon
Ebony Slab
Sphenophyta Fossil in Matrix    Mazon Creek, IL  $70
flower stone
4 1/2" H
Wood Base

Sphenophyta Fossil in Matrix    Mazon Creek, IL        $65
Golden Pyrophyllite  Italy
golden flowers
Clay Base
Fossil Neuropteris Fern Leaf  St. Clair PA  Crinoid Stems Morocco   $25
mountain fortress
H 4 1/4"
Clay Base