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Stones with Clay Art and Decorations.    H- height   W- width   D- depth   " inches
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Wonderstone  Knab, Utah           $65
Kanji letters Dragon holding Garnet
Clay figure and  Base

Amethyst Core  Brazil      $35
arctic mermaid holding Opalite pearl
Clay figure and Base

Agate  and Rose Quartz   Brazil            $35
Clay figure and Base
Feng Sui Frogs with Coin     $35
Glass Obsidian  China  Garnet accent Brazil
Clay Base
Kuan Yin Mahogany Obsidian  $35
on clay Lotus Petals and Clay/Wood Base
Agate Butterfly metal/clay    Brazil    $35
3" H  6" L including base
Vine and Clay Base

Dragon    China            $45
Kuan Yin's Dragon
resin augmented with clay eyes/teeth/pearl
3 1/2" H  5 1/2" L
Silicone Carbonite  created crystals     Mexico         $55
6" H
Clay Base
Created Amethyst Tree     crystals Brazil      $65
Base Fossil Vertebrae  Ice Age  FL 
Clay accent
Black Kyanite with Quartz Crystal  Brazil     $55
melted aluminum with clay waterfalls
Clay Base 
Crystalized Shell  Brazil     $35
figure wearing mask
Clay Figure is Base
Botryoidal Wavellite in Matrix  Arkansas with Phantom Quartz  Brazil     $45
Clay Base